White Gold vs Platinum Jewelry

Is there a difference between White Gold versus Platinum Jewelry? Yes!

First big difference is the cost (price) you will usually asset that platinum jewelry is major relevant and more expensive than white gold jewelry items. This is rightful esteem part to the pure consistency of the platinum metal impact appendage to the preciousness of the metal itself and accountability in the manufacturing process.
White Gold vs Platinum Jewelry

This two metals are mostly used in engagement rings, and both are durable enough to withstand years of wear. But when not rhodium plated, gold white is a kind of yellowish and platinum is more grayish in color.

Next picture will show you the real differences with the metal color, discolor, durability, jewels hardness, esteem, rarity, skin reaction and the price of White Gold jewels and Platinum.

White Gold vs Platinum Jewels

White gold is a lot whiter and shinier then platinum. The 14k gold is more white and is better than 18K, but if you have extra money that you can spend for really nice jewelry buy the best and top - 950 Platinum.

Sterling Silver Jewelries

925 Sterling Silver Jewelries

Every woman needs more and more fashion accessories. They really are the most classic piece of jewelry and can never go wrong be it for a wedding, a date or just a walk in the park.

Sterling Silver Jewelry

The sterling silver jewels necklaces are designed with silver metal. There are difference types in the necklaces. There are simple necklaces with a simple chain and a pendent, little designed necklaces and heavily designed necklaces. The designs of the jewelries changes as the time changes even every month. The cheap costs of the 925 silver jewelries are affordable. This is the reason that the white shiny metal is more used than the white gold. Many women’s who are crazy for the jewelries does not look at the prices. The designers work is to design more silver jewelry with different designs and release them in the market.

Impossibly trendy jewelry like face piercings and navel rings, anklets, bangles, bracelets, brooches, earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings even watches. Sure they look super cool and trendy when you are in school, college, work, date or go out.